Employee Computer and Internet Monitoring
See what your employees are doing on the computer while your not looking


Almost every employee is going to waste time while on the clock at some point during the day, whether their taking a smoke break, talking at the water cooler or getting a cup of coffee. Those small time wasters are not a problem. The biggest time waste problem small to medium sized business owners and managers are having is related to personal employee Internet usage. A decade ago an employee was lucky to even have a dial-up connection, but that has all changed. Now it's almost a given that employees have full Internet access throughout the entire day. This is where the problem arises. A lot of employees waste hours a day chatting or browsing on website's like MSN, AOL, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook, vacation sites, Youtube and other popular website's.


The solution to this problem is Employee Internet Monitoring. Using our system, you will be able to see how much time your employees are spending on work and how much their wasting on play. You are also given tools to prevent employees from even going to specific website's, so if "Jane" spends 5 hours a day on Facebook and Farmville, you can block her from going there. You can also create company wide rules to block certain types of website's such as social networking, gambling, and file sharing. This company wide filtering capability not only saves your company money on wasted productivity, but it also prevents legal problems and virus infections, which can both cost a business a lot in professional fees and lost time.


Bay Business Edge, Inc. can setup an entire Employee Internet Usage and Computer Monitoring solution without your employees ever knowing. You have the right to know what your employees are doing while on the clock and on company property. Call today for a Employee monitoring estimate 888-333-9340.




Employee Internet and Computer Usage Monitoring Features
Real-time monitoring and Internet tracking 
Invisible to employees, during and after installation
Time tracking based on program and website
Easy to understand reports
Ability to block specific website's (company wide or employee specific)
Record employees screens for evidence
Watch employees screen as they work







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