Exchange Server 2003 vs 2007 Comparison
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Exchange Server 2003 and Exchange Server 2007 are different in many ways. Exchange Server 2003 runs on 32-bit hardware and only requires a small amount of ram. Exchange Server 2007 only runs on 64-bit hardware and requires a large amount of memory to perform correctly. Exchange Server 2007 has some very important features that Exchange Server 2003 is missing and we will explain some of the most critical features below.


If you are currently using Exchange 2003 and would like to upgrade we offer full migration support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Server to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. To learn more about Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 migration click here.



Exchange Server 2007 Database Portability


This feature enables an organization with multiple 2007 Exchange Servers to simply backup the Exchange Server database on one server and then mount it on another server within the organization using the database portability feature. For example, if you have an Exchange Server 2007 in Tampa and another Exchange Server 2007 in Atlanta, you can move the Exchange Server database from the Tampa server to Atlanta server and vice versa. This feature is critical when planning a disaster recovery plan. If a Hurricane is coming to Tampa you simply bring up the Exchange 2007 Server and mount the database and your instantly up and running again. You can use Windows NT Native backup to backup the database from one server to another. There is no way to replicate databases, you must backup the database and then you can mount multiple databases on one Exchange 2007 Server with the database portability function.



Exchange Server 2007 Integrated Spam Filtering


Exchange Server 2007 comes with state of the art integrated spam filtering technology. It is also now part of the mail flow process which is the part of Exchange that processes email. This was a problem with Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2003. Users would have issues with their bad mail folder getting filled up quickly with spam and bouncing back valid email. But now Exchange 2007 has the capability to detect and stop the server from being spammed and can sense if there is an inbound attack on the inbound mail flow of messages going in the mail queue. With Exchange 2007 all of the folders are automatically managed and monitored via the mail flow monitoring system which is built in to Exchange 2007.


More on Exchange Spam Filtering



Exchange Server 2007 Unified Message


Exchange 2007 offers a Unified Message feature that is more enhanced than the standard messaging system included with Exchange 2003. You are now able to use a VOIP phone system or a PBX and include the functions in your Outlook 2007. For example; let’s say you were leaving the office for the day at 2:00PM and you changed your calendar to out of office at 2:00PM. Well with Exchange 2007 you can have a different greeting play on your phone or email responder by simply changing the schedule on your calendar. This will also allow you to setup voice access from any standard phone and can be integrated with any pbx and setup for Microsoft Exchange 2007 Server.



Exchange Server 2007 Outlook Anywhere


A very new and popular feature with Exchange Server 2007 is Outlook Anywhere. This is setup similar to the previous HTTPS over RPC. This allows users to use Outlook 2007 to connect from around the world and allows Outlook to function like the user was on the network. Setting up this type of functionality was difficult to configure in the past, but is much more robust and easier to configure using the Outlook client. It’s best to configure Outlook Anywhere with a secure certificate from VeriSign. If you don’t purchase a certificate you can create one but you will need to install it on each Windows XP client computer that you plan on using Outlook Anywhere.


If you need assistance setting up Outlook Anywhere please give us a call 888-333-9340



Exchange Server 2007 Outlook Web Access


Exchange 2007 has made a lot of improvements to the Outlook Web Access feature. Several steps have been taken by the Microsoft developers to shorten the amount of bandwidth that Outlook Web Access uses. Also many new features have been added to the Outlook Web Access Windows operating system.



Exchange Server 2007 ActiveSync


One of the key features of Exchange 2007 is the ability to use ActiveSync over the air. That’s right, you are able to ActiveSync all your items in Outlook on your User Mailbox while on the road. You are able to sync an Inbox with Microsoft Exchange 2003, but now with Microsoft Exchange 2007 you are able to sync contacts, tasks and calendars on the road. Exchange ActiveSync technology is also very secure and uses data encryption to ensure that your information isn't’t exposed over the Internet. ActiveSync can also be used with BlackBerry phones, making it a must have feature for companies using BlackBerry technology.



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