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If you are running Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 or Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 then sharing calendars, mailboxes and tasks is a possible.


How To: Logon to the server and select the user mailbox you need and add the permissions to the mailbox so that the intended users can access the mailbox. For example in Exchange Server 2003 you go to mailbox rights under "Active Directory Users and Computers" advanced mode and add the users you want to be able to view this mailbox. Since all mail is stored on the server with Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007 you can go to file>open and download the mailbox into the desired users Outlook within seconds. You can then choose if you want this other user calendar to open in the future without repeating the above process in the future. With Exchange 2007 you must adjust these permissions from the Exchange Management Console. To do this, right click and select manage full access permissions for the user. Once you add the other user from the client end with Microsoft Outlook the setup is the same and it’s also easy to add the calendar and tasks. If you need assistance installing the Shared Calendar module, please call us to schedule or click here to fill out a quick online form.


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