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We Can Install a Spam Filter on Exchange 2003 & 2007 for $99.99


We offer a multiple options for Microsoft Exchange Server Spam filtering depending on the amount of email and type of server hosting Exchange. Versions of Exchange Server prior to 2007 have included some form of Spam filtering, but generally it isn't enough for most medium to large organizations. Unless you are running Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2003 with a network appliance you will probably have continued problems with Spam. The good news is network appliances are much cheaper than they were in the past.




Exchange Server 2003 Integrated Spam Filter - Flat Rate Service $99.99


Microsoft Exchange 2003 comes with an internal spam filter, it's called the Intelligent Spam Filter. This filter is part of Microsoft Windows 2003 Server and works with Exchange 2003. The Intelligent Spam Filter uses a predefined set of rules to forward junk mail in to your Outlook "Junk Mail" folder based on the rating the inbound mail. The downfall of this filter is that it doesn't filter inbound mail that doesn't have a reverse lookup record, it only filters mail based on the body of the message which is than put through the spam content filter and is rated using keywords.




Exchange Server 2007 Integrated Spam Filter - Flat Rate Service $99.99


Exchange Server 2007 has many methods of blocking spam and does a good job at keeping your server safe from Spam. You have several options to setup allow\deny lists for anti-spam purposes. Exchange 2007 uses Smart Screen Filtering which inspects for certain keywords which protects against scams, adult content and other problem Spam types. Exchange 2007 also provides host filtering, but a thing to remember is host filtering is a basic level of filtering and isn't any new technology. Exchange 2007 also offers integration with other products for anti-spam rule checking.




Spam Filtering Device for Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007


We offer the BBE3200 Network Appliance which uses a multi level spam filter. The network appliance uses a state of the art Linux spam gateway. By having mail first route thru the network appliance, only safe emails are passed thru to your users / employees via your Exchange Server. This is the safest case scenario because we are able to block a virus before it ever hits the Exchange Server. The Spam filter not only protects users from Spam but also worms, malware, spyware, trojans and viruses. The antivirus is updated automatically everyday which will ensure that you have the latest antivirus definitions loaded. In addition to the antivirus our appliance will monitor your network for any abnormal traffic and will keep an offsite backup of your server in the event of a disaster. Also, the server will monitor employees that browse the Internet and let you know if there are any particular users on your network abusing internet usage policies. Another common setup we use for Exchange 2003 Server is RPC or HTTPS (Outlook Anywhere) which allows us to setup Outlook 2007 and have it perform in the same manner as if it was in the office.


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