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Like most law firms, your business relies heavily on your servers, workstations and law software (Amicus Attorney, Abacus Law) performing optimally and trouble free. We understand the importance of that and can help you by providing high quality, fast and cost-effective IT support and services. Using Bay Business Edge as your IT department can help reduce potential downtime, IT service wait times and employee waste, which are all crucial to running a successful practice.


Bay Business Edge offers multiple options for Law Firm IT support including flat rate service plans, bulk hours packages and on demand support. Our service plans are customizable and can support law firms from one employee to over one hundred employees. Read more about our different Law Firm service options below.



Law Firm Service Options


Option 1: Flat Rate Service Plans
Firm Size: 5 - 100+ Employees
Monthly Cost: $199 + (Based on # of employees)

Service Description: When you sign up for our flat rate service plan, you are essentially getting a low cost IT department for your law firm. We handle everything IT related, so when an employee, attorney or partner is having a problem they just call our toll free number and we handle it. Whether you call once a day or five times a day, you are only charged the monthly flat rate. This plan covers workstations, servers and software.

Service Plan - Law Firm IT Consulation



Option 2: Bulk Hour Package
Firm Size: 1 - 100+ Employees
Cost: $50 - $75 per hour

Service Description: Our Bulk Hour Packages are great for law firms that don't require a lot of IT support on a monthly basis. By purchasing bulk hours, you can save up to 50% off our standard hourly rate.


Law Firm IT Consulation



Option 3: On-Demand Service
Firm Size: 1 - 10+ Employees
Cost: $85 - $125 per hour

Service Description: On-Demand is our basic call when needed service. We offer this to any business no matter how big or small. Most of our customers start off with this service to try us out and many upgrade to a service plan or bulk hours to take advantage of the cost savings and service benefits.


 Law Firm IT Consulation




Recent Law Firm Project



Bay Business Edge was recently hired by one of the largest law firms in Tampa Bay to migrate their Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. Performing a migration of this size takes planning and expertise to ensure a smooth migration to avoid email loss, downtime and lost productivity.



If you need assistance please give us a call. We offer a free consultation to all business customers. 888-333-9340



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