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Managed Backup Service Contracts Starting at $79 Per Month


Are you constantly worried if your server has been backed up and if it can actually be restored if there is a failure? You're not alone. Most business owners number one IT related concern is related to data backup. For that reason, we created a managed service called Managed Backups. Our service allows you to stop worrying about your backups. Whether you have a tape backup system, external hard drive, offsite backup or a Cloud backup like Carbonite, we can manage it for you.


Depending on what type of backup system you're using, we will setup monitoring, which will let us know whether the backup was successful, failed or incomplete. If your backup failed or was incomplete we will notify you and correct the problem. We also perform Restore Testing, which is usually overlooked by many business owners. Performing monthly data restore tests is the only way to know 100% that your data is backed up and accessible in case of data loss.



Managed Server - Business Edge MS-BACK
Daily Backup Log Review
Monthly Restore Testing (Performed manually)
Unlimited Data Restore Assistance
Unlimited Data Backup Modifications
    Managed Backups Starting at $79 per month.










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