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Almost every small to medium sized business owner will face an office move or relocation at some point in their companies history. We make one of the hardest parts of moving a business, easy on you and your staff. Our team of IT movers handle everything from packing your equipment all the way to getting everything set back up in your new office, just like it was in your old location. Moving the entire network infrastructure from one building to another isn't a quick and easy process. A lot of planning and expertise is involved in pulling off a successful move. In our eyes a successful office move or relocation means minimal downtime, no equipment damage and ensuring that everything is working like it always has been.


We also offer a lower cost moving service alternative called IT Mover Assist, which is designed to help out your staff or the company in charge of moving your office. With this service, you get one of our IT experts on location to help coordinate the move and guide you during the breakdown and packaging of computers, servers, printers and networking equipment, as well as going to the new location to setup the IT side of the office when ready. This has proven to be a very valuable service to many of our customers. Unless you are moving into an office that is nearly identical to your existing office, or you have an IT person on staff, this service can be a major time and money saver.




Office Relocation Services:
Packaging and Transportation of IT Equipment (Computers, Servers)
Setup and Installation of IT Equipment at New Location
Network Migration
Email Server Moving
VOIP System Moving
Cabling (Data and Phone)
Security Camera System Moving
Printer Moving







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