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Windows 2008 Small Business Server only runs on 64-bit hardware. Most business owners find that their current hardware does not support 64-bit operating systems. With this in mind, you may find that your organization will need new hardware to migrate over to Windows 2008 Small Business Server. Since the migration will cost you a new server we usually recommend that our clients also migrate over to a virtual environment using VMware ESXi technology. ESXi is a light weight virtual software that can be loaded on an enterprise level server (Dell Poweredge). ESXi can be ordered with Dell servers integrated into the system BIOS. This ensures that you will get the most performance out of your server since the boot OS is not taking disk I\O from your RAID set.


Our normal procedure using this approach is to clone your existing Microsoft Windows 2003 Server to the virtual ESXi environment. Once that step is accomplished we know that we have a backup plan if anything fails. This also gives the client the opportunity to test out Microsoft 2008 SBS on their environment to ensure that all programs are compatible prior to making the big switch. After the clone is completed, we install Windows 2008 as a virtual server and run updates and make any needed configuration changes.


Once the migration is complete we test out each workstation computer to ensure all drive mappings are working. If you are running Microsoft Outlook on your clients it will auto configure the server name and redirect to the new domain controller once the users mailbox is migrated over to the Windows 2008 Small Business Server with Exchange Server 2007.


Find out how much your small business could save using virtualization combined with having your server offsite.





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