Microsoft Exchange Server Offline Defrag
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We Can Perform This Exchange 2007 Service - Flat Rate Service $49.99



We recommend this service be performed by a Network Engineer or Server Technician. We have Network Engineers available to help you perform any type of Exchange service needed.


How To: You must perform several steps to do an offline defrag. First, you must dismount the mail box store by going in to system manager and right-clicking the mailbox store and selecting ‘dismount’. After the mailbox store is dismounted, then you have to browse to the Exchange Server installation directory from the command prompt and run the command for the ESEUtil tool and select your database to execute the defrag command. The defrag command will pull up the database and you will see a progress bar start to move. This can take a few hours to complete and it’s normal if it takes longer.


Exchange 2003 also has an automatic feature to handle database maintenance. The built-in maintenance feature will work but keep in mind your database and Outlook response time will be slower if you don’t perform offline defrag's on the database.


Get this service completed for $49.99 by a Network Engineer.


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