Microsoft Small Business Server 2011
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Bay Business Edge offers full Windows Server 2011 Support. Our Engineers can assist your company in the migration to 2011. We have developed a proven process to migrate from 2003 SBS and 2008 SBS to 2011 SBS. Having already spent the time developing a step-by-step process and performing live migrations, our customers will benefit with a major time/cost savings. Our policy has always been to use ourselves as Guinea Pigs, not our customers.


The average migration from Server 2003 SBS to 2011 SBS takes approximately 3-5 hours if the existing server is operating correctly and the hardware meets the recommended requirements. The 3-5 hour estimate takes into account that your server has a current backup in place and working, otherwise if a backup is required that could add additional time. The estimated migration time includes installation, tweaking and configuring features in SBS 2011 that don't work after upgrading from 2003.


The average migration from Server 2008 SBS to Server 2011 SBS takes approximately 2-4 hours. Migrating from 2008 is easier than migrating from 2003, primarily based on the fact that 2011 was built on the same kernel as 2008. That means that 2011 is very similar to 2008, which makes the migration faster, because settings and configurations transfer easily.




* IMPORTANT * Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 Essentials


If you are upgrading from 2003 or 2008 SBS please read this section. SBS 2011 Essentials is NOT designed to upgrade a 2003/2008 SBS that was using Exchange. Essentials doesn't include Exchange, if you want to host your own email in house, you need to user SBS 2011 Standard. Essentials is designed to work with a Cloud based off premise email service like 365, Gmail or another off premise email system.


Essentials is a great starter Server for small businesses (under 25 users). Setting up users, shares and other server administration is very simple. Once the Server is configured and working, it takes one of our Engineers less than 30 minutes to train a customer on how to perform all the basic tasks if needed.



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