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Problem: We get calls from business owners all over the country that their Exchange Server is out of space. Generally the server is not the problem, it is usually the Exchange Server 2003 size limitation. Microsoft set the maximum size of Microsoft Exchange 2003 to 16GB which has caused a many businesses to run out of room in Exchange Server 2003 forcing them to upgrade to Exchange 2007. In Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 you get a limit of 250GB, but upgrading / migrating isn't as easy as just purchasing the software. We can fix this without upgrading to Exchange 2007.


Fix: Bay Business Edge can modify / fix your Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 to allow storage limitations over 16GB without upgrading to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. This service can be performed on any server running Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and requires no additional software or licensing. This service can be performed remotely and doesn't require a network engineer onsite. This issue can be resolved via remote service. Call 888-333-9340


Alternative Fix: If you have decided that you don't want to perform the above fix, then the second option is to upgrade to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. When migrating from Microsoft Windows 2003 Small Business Server to Microsoft Windows 2008 Small Business Server there are many things to keep in mind. First, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Small Business Server does not run on 32-bit hardware. Only 64-bit hardware is supported with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Small Business Server. There are many migration plans on that will help you perform the upgrades, or you can have Bay Business Edge help with the entire migration.


Get this problem resolved for $129.99, if we can't fix the problem you don't pay.


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